Mod «Achtung!» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.4)


Command your colonists like a boss!
Pronounced like “A[h] - tung” where “[h]” is like the beginning sound of the superhero name “Hulk”.
The Achtung! mod enhances how you control RimWorld. You will get more control on how to position your colonists and how they take job orders.

In a nutshell you can:

  • position your drafted colonists along a line (better than vanilla 1.3!)
  • move them in formation (1.3 can’t do that)
  • give orders to multiple colonists at once
  • click the white button to force jobs so they get uninterrupted attention
  • haul and repair outside allowed areas

    Examples of what you can do:
  • Save time by issuing a command with more than one colonist selected. For example: select three brawlers and right click an enemy, then choose "melee". Done.
  • In combat, position colonists equally spaced in door openings. Select multiple drafted colonists and with the right mouse button drag a line. Achtung! will move your colonists to equally spaced positions in real time. 10 colonists into 10 doors? No problem!
  • Fall back a few steps with a group of colonists? Easy. Select them and hold the configured key to move them relative to their current formation. You can even rotate the formation with the standard rotation keys.
  • Make sure that wall and the sandbags are build before the raid arrives. No cloudwatching or eating allowed! Use the [Force] button that Achtung! adds to all "Prioritize..." menus and you can be sure that all assigned work will be done.
  • Want one colonist harvest and another sow these three fields? Force them to their tasks and queue up non-adjacted fields by simply adding forced work on them (like ordinary jobs but without the shift key).
  • Treat all injured colonists in their beds? Select a doctor, choose "Prioritize tending... [Force]" and increase the search range so nearby patients will be included (you will see a small "!" on all forced job). Then focus on other important stuff because you can be sure it's done.

The original three Achtung! commands Clean Room and Fight Fire still exist because they do stuff a bit smarter than the build in prioritized work commands.

06.10.22 (1.0-1.4)

  • Ready for RimWorld 1.4.


Version 11.03.22 for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.3)

  • Fixes



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