Mod «[AP] Lovin' Reworked» for Rimworld (v1.3)

[AP] Lovin' Reworked

Mod reworks the love mechanic.

  • Again, around social skill 6 or 7 and a good quality bed are enough to get a decent bonus.
  • This mod is meant to nerf a little bit the lovin' mechanic, since a +8 (STACKABLE) mood bonus for doing nothing seemed a bit too overpowered in my opinion. Also, a bit of realism and complexity is always welcome.

This mod doesn't touch the romance/relationships mechanic, only the action of lovin' and its mood bonuses, thus it shouldn't conflict with other romance mods I've seen, but I can't really be sure. Except for RJW, I'm almost sure it does conflict.

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