Mod «Biotech xenotype expanded - Rotfish» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Biotech xenotype expanded - Rotfish

This mod adds a new xenotype, the Rotfish, a fae with fish and scavenger genes , adds many rot-related genes, some carrion related buildings, a new camp of fish people who will follow other attacks and attack you, but have no fear, they are only here to take the remains of the last attacker, just don't mess with them and they will leave in peace.

Rotfish is a subspecies of human living deep in the rainforest, they have been genetically adapted to this humid and sultry environment. Their digestive systems can eat meat that is completely rotten, and with the help of their almost completely degenerated noses they do not find the smell of rottenness unpleasant, but rather prefer the "heavy" smell. The fish genome allows them to move more swiftly in wet environments, and they can also store deadly rotten gases in their air sac organs and release them in battle. Their bodies and the deadly virus create a balance that allows them to inject toxins into their enemies with every attack, but once the rotfish dies, this balance is immediately broken and their bodies decay rapidly..



  • Bug fix

Version 03.02.23 for Rimworld (v1.4)

  • Bug fix


Version 14.01.23 for Rimworld (v1.4)


12.01.23 (1.4)


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  • Added by: TOP-Mods
  • Author: 骸鸾
  • Mod version: 19.02.23
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 1.6 mb
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