Mod «Rim-Shek» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.4)


Rim-Shek is an incredibly lightweight mod that tries its best to blend a new race seamlessly into the vanilla setting, the only thing this mod adds is one new faction, and a new race known as the 'Shek', a naturally aggressive sub-race of humans with horned heads, and bone-plated bodies. Their culture values honor and bloodshed as top priorities. The race itself originates from the game "Kenshi" by Lo-Fi games.

Shek as a race are combat oriented, having natural armor thanks to their bone exoskeletons, slightly higher health scaling, and a head-ram attack that has the chance to stun an enemy when in close melee. However; while they excel in combat, not only do they move a hair slower than their human counterparts, they are not the best at other tasks such as plants, intellectual, etc. Though they can still perform these acts, they do so at a slightly slower rate.
The most interesting balancing act however is how shek have an increased hunger rate compared to humans, eating more often that a normal pawn, their hunger is at a rate of around 1/3 higher than that of a human. So be sure you acknowledge that before you let a group of shek join your colony!

This mod adds one new outlander faction: "The Neutral Shek", of which at the beginning they will either ignore you, or raid you. But if you can befriend them, you will have a powerful ally to back you up when times get rough.

- "CE?" - Yes.

- "Are they balanced?" - Yes, they trade labor/research speed for combat boosts such as a very rare natural stun attack, a small amount of natural armor and increased health. Furthermore they move slightly slower and eat slightly more.

- "Does this mod add any sneaky apparel, items, drugs, or any non-vanilla features?" - Nope. Just adds a race and one new faction. Both of which have been tailored to fit seamlessly into vanilla.

- "Do shek spawn outside of their respective faction?" - Yes, you may find a shek guarding a outlander trade caravan, or you may find one in one of those pesky pirate raids. You may also find shek as slaves in markets & caravans.

- "Does this mod work well with the 'Ideology' expansion and 1.3?" - Yes! Rim-Shek is fully compatible with 1.3 & 'Ideology', in fact shek will have unique ideologies based around honor, bloodshed, and bullying anyone who doesn't have horns.

- "Non-HAR version using xenotypes?" - Currently in the works. Though it will be a simple fork, rather than a total replacement, that way non-Biotech players & ongoing saves can still use the HAR version.


File info

  • Added by: Den Martin
  • Author: Vexed
  • Mod version: 22.10.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 12.0 mb
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