Mod «Rim-Skeletons» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)


Rim-Skeletons is a very lightweight mod that does its best to add a new race of robots seamlessly into the vanilla setting of Rimworld. 'Skeletons' are described in their info tab as being a race of "proto-mechanical persona", being the precursors to the mechanoids and AI persona we all know and love. Their spawning is also very unique; in addition to having an optional faction which is disabled by default, they can spawn alongside outlander and spacer factions, albeit their spawn rate is extraordinarily rare.
There is no apparel, weaponry, or items added in this mod. The race itself originates from the game "Kenshi" by Lo-Fi games.

Skeletons are a rather unique race of robots, they can be found very rarely amongst pawns with the faction tech levels of industrial & spacer. They share quite a few stats with vanilla mechanoids, such as heat armor, temperature immunity, fire resistance, toxic fallout immunity, and the fact that they do not need food or sleep. They do however have an increased chance to spawn with the "depressive" or "pessimistic" traits due to their often sad and lonely lives. However they can still be affected by pain shock, psychic drones, psycasts, and drug addictions.

"CE?" - Yes.

Incompatibilities? - Sadly there are a few due to how hard it is to have a ‘robotic’ humanoid, namely mods that change certain aspects such as healing, diets, or intricate behaviors; mods like Rim73 are incompatible. Mods that add new diseases may also affect skeletons as they currently are only immune to vanilla diseases and illnesses. (I will try to patch as many incompatible mods as I can, I’m sorry for any inconveniences in the meantime!)

"Are they balanced?" - Yes; they are vanishingly rare, they’re commonly depressed, expensive, incredibly vulnerable to blunt damage, and susceptible to pain, psychic drones, and drugs. While on the other hand they have a good amount of sharp defense, no need for sleep or food, and they are immune to extreme temperatures, toxic fallout, diseases, and fire.

"Does this mod add any sneaky apparel, items, drugs, or any features?" - No, just a new race, a faction which is disabled by default, and a nutrition value to chemfuel and uranium. (They work exactly the same as before, except now skeletons and only skeletons can use them for fuel. This is so you can tame skeletons who go on 'run wild' mental breaks, they really don't need to consume these items.) The race, is tailored with vanilla in mind & as such I've gone as far as to write backstories and descriptions that squeeze them into Rimworld "lore".

"I can't find any skeletons, is there an easier way to find a skeleton recruit?" - They appear alongside industrial & spacer faction caravans/raids as rare spawns, they may also rarely spawn as slaves. (Around a 0.1% - 0.001% chance of spawning as a slave!)

"Does this mod work well with the 'Ideology' expansion and 1.3?" - For the most part, yes. However certain memes and precepts may clash with skeletons due to their robotic nature. I also plan to add social penalties and buff regarding skeletons in certain ideologies, ie. 'transhumanists' love skeletons, while 'flesh-purists' hate them.


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  • Added by: Den Martin
  • Author: Vexed
  • Mod version: 24.10.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 8.0 mb
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