Mod «Contractors Arsenal» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.4)

Contractors Arsenal

"The Rim can be defined by death, starvation, pirates, mercenaries and contractors; so why not bring some specialised equipment from home out on the hunt?"

Adds in a set of unique power armour, 17 new weapons and a new faction to go with it. (Note:1.0 version is factionless and a 1.1 version without a faction is available)

it was about time I got around at this updated! only took me what? A year >.>
Sorry about the wait but now there is some extra weapons and armour and now a faction!


A set unique power armour, its highly resistant to weapons fire and has been tailored specifically for extreme environments and has specially designed servos to allow for extra mobility to the wearer. (all of which comes at a high cost in materials)

16 new late-game charge weapons (plus a combat knife), all are expensive and complicated to make but pack a punch to match.

A faction of off-world mercenaries, gone rogue. Completely unwilling to engage in any sort of diplomacy with their only concern being how much of your stuff they can pillage. Having almost exclusive access to their own Contractor equipment makes them a dangerous opponent.

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