Mod «[RH2] Faction: The Rangers» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

[RH2] Faction: The Rangers

In a cold and cruel world where there is no rule of law, a brave few stand in the way between the sheep and the wolves. They go by many names, but most people know them by their title of "Ranger".


- 512x512 px, high quality apparel and weapon texture art.
(Note: Apparel may be rendered low in-game due to 1.3 update forcing this.)
- Unique faction with their own backstory and characteristics.
- Enlistment feature that allows your colonists to become a part of the faction naturally.
- Ranger Armor, colorable in style of vanilla spacer armors. Requires chemfuel to fly, has energy shielding.
- You can literally go around arresting people you and the rangers don't like, then turn them in for a bounty. That's literally- I don't know what else to tell you mate.
- Work part time, get paid minimum wage and be too busy to do anything else just like real life!


Enlisting to this faction unlocks the following benefits:

Main Services

Medical Services

Training Services

Other Services

Reinforcements Feature

Resign from Enlistment

- YES.

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