Mod «[RH2] Faction: Bounty Hunters» for Rimworld (v1.4)

[RH2] Faction: Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters, glorified mercenaries out for fortune in a cruel Outer RimWorld where the defenseless may have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. They are highly organized, professionally trained and care very little for collateral damage.

They don their powered armours and legacy models of UAC equipment doing whatever the next contract tells them to do.


- Bounty Hunter armors from DOOM by JangoD'Soul.
(Note: Apparel may be rendered low in-game due to 1.3 update forcing this.)
- Unique hostile faction with their own backstory and characteristics.
- Enlistment feature that allows your colonists to become a part of the faction naturally.
- DOOM 3 cigarettes, cola and S3 Plasma Gun
- DOOM 2016 MP Bounty Hunter armor set done in 256x256 art for RimWorld!
- You get to listen to Hellwalker remake by Jupiter while idle in the Contracts screen. Enjoy.


Enlisting to this faction unlocks the following benefits:

Main Services

Medical Services

Training Services

Other Services

Reinforcements Feature

Resign from Enlistment

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