Mod «Moosesian race» for Rimworld (v1.1 - 1.3)

Moosesian race
Current Contents
  • 1 Race
  • 1 Faction
  • 14 Weapons
  • 27 Apparels
  • 1 Building
  • 11 Research projects


Tall and timid, just as they are strong and sluggish.
+/- Large body size, they can carry twice the human limit, this however made them easier to get shot.
+/- Deal high damage in unarmed melee, but has slow cooldown between each hit.
+/- Will never spawn with wimp, too smart, fast learner traits.
+ High body parts health, more survivability in combat.
+ High pain tolerance.
- Generally low intelligence, they can do research but at 70% of normal speed.
- Move very slowly, they could never outrun any healthy human.

The Moosesians are living in a post-collapse stage of their civilization, with their army broken apart into various smaller warbands, each leading by their respective general (a warlord, to be precise). Hellbent on maintaining control of anything they have left, whilst trying to take hold of resources and territories from anyone, including you.
However, they’re not completely unreasonable. As dull as they be, if you keep showing them your sign of good faith, they too could prove to be a formidable ally.
There’s only 1 faction of this type to spawn by default in world generation, but as of 1.3, the number is customizable.

The most essential aspect of this mod and perhaps the sole reason of its existence, the Moosesian are made to be able to carry all the heavy ordinance that no mere man could have handle, or guns that could’ve been limited to a static, vehicle-towed piece.
However, at one point I decided to fully commit to the Napoleonic War aesthetic and theme, all firearms from the early version of this mod were changed into their respective 18th-19th century equivalents. As a result, none of the promised modern high-caliber guns are present for the time being.

Featuring 14 weapons in total, 6 melee and 8 firearms, most are considered a medieval tech, all can be crafted in Smithy instead of Machining table.
Melee weapons are heavy and cumbersome, too much for an ordinary man to handle, even if they could lift them they wouldn’t be able to use it effectively as a Moosesian would, thus most of these arms are only ever usable by Moosesian, with exception for the few lightweight weapons.

Moosesian firearms are known for their ridiculously huge ammunition size, so much that no mere human could operate them less they get blown off by the overwhelming recoils, their general-issue musket for instance has much bigger caliber than all of its man-made counterpart, practically reaching that size of a cannonball, needless to say; it’s very deadly. However, with musket being what it is, they’re slow to fire, reload and suffer from poor accuracy.

Moving onward, we have a rifled variant with better accuracy, but take even longer to operate.

The peak of their weapon trees is a breech-loading rifle, complete opposite of all other firearms; it deals less damage than their musket, but has superb accuracy across the board, while taking less time to fire and reload.

14 Clothes : Moosesian has their own body sprite which is not very compatible with human apparels, so these are only for them, note that I designed them to be All-In-One piece covering the entire body rather than separated pieces
(shirt-pants), as to not flooding player’s crafting bench with too much crafting recipes.
13 Headwears : Although designed to be wore together with their associated race-exclusive clothes, All of these are wearable by human.

Heavy cannon artillery (12 pounder): acts like vanilla mortar but requires direct line of sight, deals enough damage to disable a mechanoid in one hit, it uses cannonballs as ammunition which are rather cheap to make.

Research projects
11 projects, 4 of which are only researchable by Moosesian, while I do not wish to flood player’s research tab with these projects, it is a better way to lock away race exclusive contents and leave it up to player to unlock them.

- Initially, they are made for one purpose; holding and firing the biggest caliber of guns that no human couldn’t use in order to bully a Centipede, this includes handheld cannon that use 20mm shell and even bigger.
- As of current I have written 10,000+ words lore for this race, initially for them as a race for Rimworld, but later on it grew into its own universe.
- The Napoleonic aesthetic was merely an afterthought; if they’re going to use huge gun that pack a heavy punch but take forever to fire a shot, then why not? But as their lore went on, I decided to switch the direction and commit to the aesthetic.
- Many items have unique name to differentiate them from similar item added by other mod, “dieselwork” for instance has its huge damage and specific name to set it apart from “musket” added by vanilla weapons expanded.


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