Mod «Dragonian Prime Race2.0» for Rimworld (v1.3)

Dragonian Prime Race2.0

So, this mod is a combination of Dragonian Prime Race and Dragonian Prime Race Patch

with the addition of some 512x512 hairstyles -without horns- what this allows is new hairstyles, sets of horns, greater look diversity and you to remove their horns visually. Dragonians from this mod can also use their horns to bash your skulls in, will often do fire damage on bite attacks, and all around just be more of a menace by lighting you on fire and using weapons. They themselves are fairly weak to fire still, and your best bet to survive them is avoiding melee combat and not trying to overpower them.

They're unrestricted in terms of wearing gear and using weapons, as long as it has a male/female texture. However due to their size not everything looks good on them, I'll be doing my best to update their apparel, make new ones for them and drawing alternate versions of vanilla gear in hopes/preparation that we can use variant textures for apparel sometime in the future.

There've been a few misc changes between the previous version and this, and it's a bother to list them so let's play a game of 'can you spot the difference?'

I plan on rewriting the CE patch I made, while i've not had any comments that it stopped working, I know I'll have to add the new weapons I've made to it or else someone will get errors. On the note of compatability, it is extremely likely that none of the current patches for dragonians, prime or not, will work well with this version until they're updated.


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