Mod «The Mantodean insectoid race» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.3)

The Mantodean insectoid race

I wanted to create a race whose gameplay felt mid way between animals and regular civilized species, and so the mantodean were born.
The mantodean are sentient beings that scientists classify within the insectoid family, closely related to Megaspiders.


Mantodeans gather in hives, in which the queen is the only one allowed to reproduce, and whose decisionmaking is left in the hands of a hive administrator, chosen among his/her peers due to its cunning. The hive divides its members by the role they play in their society, and everyone is expendable.

Mantodean culture is frowned upon by humanoid societies, who regard it as brutal and uncivilized. Their expansionism and disregard for others's lives and traditions have led to many conflicts over the centuries, which have boosted an enmity that runs deep between Mantodeans and other species, made worse by the fact that their main diet consists of raw meat, and that they don't consider hunting and eating other sentient species as something unethical.

In Mantodean society, the duality of good and evil has never existed, therefore it can't be understood from the traditional points of view and philosophies.


- Specially adapted to live in warm climates, they quickly succumb when exposed to cold temperatures. The drug called blue jelly can help them adapt to colder climates.
- Their bite is venomous, due to an organ called the acid gland, which produces chemicals that are sent to the fangs.
- They are very strong, able to carry more weight than other species, and fearsome in hand to hand combat.
- Their anatomy: Their anatomy is mostly different from that of other species.


- The jelly maker: An organic container that turns meat into mantodean jelly.
- The hive wall: An organic wall made of compacted mantodean jelly. Sturdier than wood, and flame resistant.
- The refuelable glow pod: Can be built and refueled with mantodean jelly.
- The biological turret: The result of mutagenic experimentation, it's alive and spits venomous acid by reflex. Very Fragile but deadly.
- The chemical refinery: It takes advantage of the enormous amount of heat generated by combining chemfuel and blue jelly in specific conditions. That heat can be used to smelt metal scraps and weapons, and to accelerate the natural process of turning organic matter into usable fuel.
- The ground nest: Just a hole in the ground, Mantodeans won't mind sleeping in it, but prisoners might...
- The mating nest: A nest made of jelly and biological waste, where Mantodeans bury themselves to sleep.
- The poison trap: Poisons whoever steps on it, heat armor can reduce its effect. Victims have around a 30% survival chance.
- The bioalchemy bench: For crafting blue jelly and mutagens.
- Table and seats: 2x2 and a stool.
- Jelly burner: A campfire that runs on mantodean jelly, useful in maps without wood.


- Their comfortable temperature range goes from 10ºC to 120 ºC. (47 ºF to 248 ºF). Blue jelly can temporarily alter the range.
- They can't wear clothes.
- They can only eat raw meat, corpses, animal products and kibble (won't get any negative thoughts from any of them). Neither will they get bad thoughts from butchering and eating humanlikes or their own species.
- Being a hive society, they are not concerned about personal space, and so will never receive cramped space penalties nor spacious room bonuses.
- Mantodean factions are in general hostile to other factions, but they can be befriended.
- Most ethically questionable actions like selling prisoners, cannibalism or executions won't bother them as they bother human pawns.

MUTAGENS (bionics)

Can be applied on mantodean limbs to mutate them into more specialized versions of the original limb.(Mutagens can be purchased from traders as well as crafted at the bioalchemy bench. If you remove a mutated limb through surgery, that limb will be lost since the mutagen adapts to the host's genetics, therefore that limb can't be implanted in another mantodean, you will need another mutagen for that.)

- Purple mutagen: (Leg) 110% moving. x90% capacity to feel pain.
- Red mutagen: (shoulder) 50% manipulation. 50 attack damage (cut). No poisoning effect from pincer.
- Green mutagen: (shoulder) 130% manipulation. 10 attack damage (blunt). No poisoning effect from pincer.
- Blue mutagen: (shoulder) Increases carrying capacity by 20. No poisoning effect from pincer.
- Black mutagen: (Eye) 120% sight. +20% consciousness. x120% capacity to feel pain.
- Ashen mutagen: (Spine) +20% blunt and sharp armor.
- Grey mutagen: (Spine) +80% blunt and sharp armor. -60% moving efficiency.
- Orange mutagen: (Breathing Sac) 150% breathing. -60% toxic buildup speed.
- White mutagen: (Acid Gland) 150% immunity gain speed.


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