Mod «Warhammer: Zhthy'hl» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.3)

Warhammer: Zhthy'hl

Adds Zhthy'hl from Warhammer

The long forgotten never asked for Zhthy'hl, lesser daemons of Chaos.
The Zhthy'hl is a crude and hotheaded race of lesser daemons. Their skin ranges from red to blackened and lies stretched tightly to their skeletal frames.
They are fighters, with high resistance to fire but their temper makes them bad at socializing and will often start fight with others.
The Zhthy'hl will launch attacks on your base with simple weapons ranging from longswords to clubs and bows.
Out in the world, as rewards or trade you might find cursed skulls. You can use the skull to summon a Zhthy'hl, but be ready for a fight.

New race: Zhthy'hl
New (Animal): Baalrukh
New apparel: ragged garments, light plate
New artifact: Zhthy'hl skull
New scenario: Zhthy'hl colony

Baalrukhs joins the Zhthy'hls attacks on higher value raids. Large daemons that attack with fire, immolating people at range and in close combat.
You can butcher them for their horns, which are a single use items used to conjure a large fireball.


  • Humanoid Alien Races

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