Mod «[K4G] RimWorld War 2» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.3)

[K4G] RimWorld War 2

Welcome to my first ever mod, RimWorld War 2! This mod will add a collection of WW2 themed factions, weapons, and apparel to your game!

  • 10 new nations including the United States, France, Germany, Japan, and many more!
  • 2 new versions of Crashlanded to permanently side with the Allies or Axis!
  • 46 new uniforms for infantry, officers, and winter soldiers!
  • 48 new accessories including rucksacks, satchels, field gear, and more!
  • 118 new headgears including helmets, peaked caps, field caps, side caps, and more!
  • 120 new weapons! Some with vanilla stats and others with unique performances!

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