Mod «Ancient Arsenal: Warcaskets» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Ancient Arsenal: Warcaskets

Heyo! I made a small addon to VFE - Pirates that adds 2 warcaskets, + 2 extra helmets and 7 weapons. 3 ranged weapons have multiple fire modes (inspired by Dredd, Robocop, and WH40k). Armors grant substantial buffs to pawns, which you'll see in the screens below.

Ranged Weapons:

Melee Weapons:


Recommended mods:
Junior Marine's Armory - A small mod that I made that adds bunch of power armor for kids.

Warcaskets can work! - To make your super soldiers useful.

Judge Dredd Armory - Amazing mod by Higgs that adds bunch of Dredd equipment, including guns with multiple fire modes!

You might get an error when the pawn tries to equip the Ancient Helmet in the Warcasket Foundry. You can ignore it. If the pawn doesn't get the plasma blast ability then just put him back in the Foundry, switch around helms in the menu. That should fix it.

I'm still quite new to modding, so feedback is very welcome. If there are any issues do not hesitate to report them to me.

Afaik, there should be no other issues.

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