Mod «Kenshi Armory» for Rimworld (v1.1 - 1.4)

Kenshi Armory

Bring various weapon and armor from world of Kenshi.

Every weapon has unique melee attack bonus & penalty based on original Kenshi game.




For now, This mod will add

Many Sets of Armor

-Holy chest plate, Heavy hachigane
-Samurai Plate armor, Samurai Helmet
-Unstrained Mercenary Plate, Unstrained Tin Can
-Holy Heavy Plate, Heavy Paladins Helm(New)

(Meterial restricted)

-Paladin's chest plate, Paladin's heavy hachigane
-Empire Samurai Plate armor, Empire Samurai Helmet
-Crab Helmet, Crab Armor
-Guild Mecenary Plate, Guild Tin Can
-Hack Stopper Jacket, Hack Stopper Hat
-Paladins Heavy Plate, Paladins heavy Helm(New)

3 Normal Apparel

-Iron Hat, Basket Hat, Ninja Mask

12 kind of Weapons

-Guardless katana
-Naginata katana
-Paladin's Cross
-Combat cleaver
-Falling Sun
-Fragment Axe
-Mercenary club
-Foreign Sabre
-Ringed Sabre

Every gear unlock with medieval research tech. armors come from Plate armor, weapons come from long blade research.

  • 1.4 update. This is the temporary update from

08.07.22 (1.0-1.3)


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