Mod «Legionary Equipment» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Legionary Equipment

Crush your enemies in the brutal style of the Roman empire. This is an apparel mod recreating the apparel and armor of Imperial Rome. More Items in the works like a standard bearer, shield, siege weapons and more.


  • A light tunic made popular during classical antiquity covering the body. Worn by citizens and servants alike.
  • Stats similar to tribal wear. Skin Layer


  • A series of robes covering the tunic.
  • Stats similar to jacket. Shell Layer.

Segmented armor

  • Armor recreating the armor worn by the famous legions of ancient Rome.
  • Stats similar to plate armor. Middle layer (this allows capes to be worn over the armor)


  • The classical helmet seen glistening over the shields of the Roman Legionaries. Also included Centurian and Legate crested Galia.
  • Stats similar to the basic helmet. Whole head layer.


  • A cloak or cape worn by the higher ranking officers of the legion.
  • Stats.....its a cape not power armor.

Legion Armor

  • A futuristic design I made of the Segmented armor
  • Stats similar to the flak jacket.

Legion Armor Helmet

  • A futuristic design I made of the Galia Helmet also included Centurion and Legate crest.
  • Stats similar to advanced helmet.

Framework is based off the core coding so should work with any mods.

02.03.22 (1.0-1.3)


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