Mod «Roo's Tattoos - Starter Pack» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

Roo's Tattoos - Starter Pack

Adds 30+ varied tattoos to customise your colonists with! Some rather eccentric, some...slightly more tame.
There are a few known bugs with how Rimworld 1.3 handles tattoos but I've tried to circumvent them as best I can. Check the FAQ section below for more details.

Q. Does this mod support 1.3?
A. Yes!

Q. My pawns body tattoo appears for all directions apart from when they face north.
A. This is a bug I have encountered with both my mods and vanilla content. If a pawn has a face tattoo that's 'visibleNorth' tag is set to 'false' it will also make the body tattoo not appear when facing north either. I have set all face tattoos 'visibleNorth' tag to 'true', to try and circumvent this.

Q. My pawns go slightly transparent where there tattoo is.
A. This is vanilla behaviour as it seems. Sorry, I can't seem to do anything about this!

Q. I can't give my colonists these tattoos.
A. I haven't played much Rimworld Ideology yet so I'm not 100% on the details here. I know that you can apply these tattoos via dev mode if they aren't appearing in an existing run- as a quick fix.

Q. The tattoos look really crunchy / jpeggy.
A. It seems that 1.3 compresses all pawn graphics down really low res. These tattoos are drawn at a higher res than default, so scaling them down does make them look a little crunchy. An upscaler mod might do the trick!

Q. Do you take donations, or is there any way I can support you?
A. Thank you for wanting to support my mods! I recently opened a Ko-Fi page[], where you can find free downloads of exclusive hairstyles, lite versions of my mods and modding templates. There's no obligation to donate, but any donation is wholly appreciated.

Q. Can you do art for my mod / mod page?
A. Sure! If you're looking to commission someone for mod graphics or assets for your workshop pages, please feel free to drop me a message.

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