Mod «Vanilla Hair Expanded» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.4)

Vanilla Hair Expanded

We have all been there, with a colony of a hundred pawns where everyone looks somewhat the same. Starting colonists with no character to their looks. This mod is our attempt at fixing that.

We have worked hard to create a hundred new hairstyles that fit vanilla RimWorld perfectly! From tribals to space refugees, every possible pawn receives a set of new, fitting styles that add much needed character and soul to them, and with so many new possibilities, it’s unlikely two of your pawns will look the same!

And in case they do, one of our major features is a barber’s table - a workbench available to be built from the very start of the game, that allows you to change the hairstyle, colour and beard style of your pawns. Yes, you heard me right. We’re also adding 15 beards, which have a solid 20% chance to spawn on any male colonist! If, however, beards are not something you’re into, you can disable them in the mod settings!

Several hairstyles are inspired by popular TV series, video games or films, but due to the style they have been drawn in, they will fit the game without you even second guessing that!

Mod authors! If people complain that your hair mod breaks the barber table, check the label names of your hairstyles. Our barber table only allows 16 characters at maximum. It would actually be easier for you to change the label name of their hairstyles as label name for hairstyles is not visible ANYWHERE in the game other than this barber table, hence even using abbreviations won't be much of an issue. It will save us from rewriting our UI code as it will take a lot of time we don't actually have right now.

If your hair is called Long Dreadlock Savage whatever, you can call it "Long Dreadlock S".

Because Facial Stuff defines a custom data type for its beards (compared to our approach of extending one of Vanilla's data types), our beards and the barber's table will not work properly with Facial Stuff - the latter being removed from the game to avoid confusion and overlap with the aforementioned mod's own customisation system.

Similarly to the case of EdB Prepare Carefully, the only fix for this would involve making Facial Stuff a dependency. Considering that Facial Stuff is no longer in development, it is unlikely that we will make a standalone patch for it.

Due to how difficult it is to alter the menu of EDB Prepare Carefully, you will not be able to adjust a beard on the character-creation screen. You can still add the beard in-game using our new barber’s table!

If we were to fix this and add the ability to customize the beard before the game starts, we would have to make EDB a dependency, and we don’t want to force people to download it.

If you're experiencing pink squares on your pawns, it's because EDB Prepare Carefully doesn't recognize our beard layer yet (or lack of beard). Just make this character use a barber table and it will adjust itself correctly.

No other issues are currently being tracked.


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Hello, I tried the mod and it makes me unable to shoot any weapon