Mod «Disco!» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.4)

Adds a disco floor and a disco event to the game

Research Electricity to unlock dance floors and the DJ Stand: you will need both to run a disco.
Once built, wait for a disco to trigger naturally or trigger the disco by selecting the DJ stand.
You can add custom songs through the mod settings menu.

Adding custom content (music, floor effects, dances)
  1. You must have your song(s) downloaded in the .ogg or .wav format. .mp3 files will not work!
  2. If you have multiple songs, put them all in the same folder.
  3. Go into Disco! mod settings.
  4. Click Add songs.
  5. If you have a folder of songs, paste the path of that folder. If it is just 1 song, paste in the path of the song file.
  6. If you pasted in the path correctly, it will let you press the Add button.
  7. Click Apply
  8. The song(s) will now be played randomly when the disco happens.
  9. You can make certain songs play more or less often by changing the Random chance value in the mod settings. A song with a value of 2 will play double as often as a song with 1, and a song with 0 will never play.


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