Mod «Medieval Lighting and Heat» for Rimworld (v1.1 - 1.4)

Medieval Lighting and Heat

A collection of various lighting and heating implements to help diversify a medieval playthrough.


Thanks to GenomX for the bonfire re-texture, the old one was quite blurry!

A much larger version of the campfire that produces a much greater amount of heat. The bonfire is capable of burning corpses, and is a medieval alternative to the crematorium. Because of the great amount of heat it produces, it is not recommended for indoor heating use.

Small Fireplace

A small stone brick fireplace that is somewhat more effective than a campfire. This fireplace is more suited for use in smaller rooms, like bedrooms.

Large Fireplace

A larger stone brick fireplace that is very effective at heating up rooms. This fireplace is intended for use in larger rooms such as a dining hall or a hospital.



A small metal lantern that can be used instead of a torch. It is more effective at heating and lighting than a torch.

Street Lantern

The street lantern is less effective at producing heat than a lantern, but is much better at producing light. Intended for use on outdoor pathways to light the way at night.



The chandelier is on par with the lantern, but hangs from the ceiling out of sight.


Royalty is listed as a requirement but it is only required for the large brazier. Everything else will work perfectly fine.

In the interest of improving performance, the lantern, chandelier, and street lantern all do not require fuel. While this may be "unrealistic," I find that the roleplaying value of watching my colonists refuel dozens of lanterns does not make up for them doing so at 5 FPS late game.

Balance was taken into account when creating each fixture, and they are all intended to have a unique role.

Version 03.11.22 for Rimworld (v1.1-1.4)


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