Mod «[JDS] Simple Storage» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.4)

[JDS] Simple Storage

Hate how your stockpile is overflowing of useless thing or just the fact it just a sore eye. I have a simply solutions by using my "Simply Storage"
a compact way to storage all of your useless Junk that you don't need into my Storage contains, no more of that over size stockpile take away space
that you can use for more important things. Now you can have a compack base, Call 1-800-Simply-Storage.

LWM's Deep Storage
Simply Storage

-Wooden Crate A
-Wooden Crate A2
-Wooden Crate A3
-Wooden Crate A4
-Wooden Crate B
-Wooden Crate C
-Wooden Crate Large
-Wooden Barrel
-Wooden Barrel Pile
-Metal Crate
-Metal Crate Pile
-Metal Crate Small Pile
-Metal Crate Bigger Pile
-Military Grade Crate Small
-Military Grade Crate small Pile
-Military Grade Crate Long
-Military Grade Crate Large
-Ammo Box A
-Ammo Box B
-Ammo Box C
-Ammo Crate
-Ammo Crate Pile
-Tool Box
-Shipping Container (Red)
-Shipping Container (Blue)
-Shipping Container (Green)
-Beer Crate
-Pallet Box
-Pallet Container
-Metal Shelf A
-Metal Shelf B
-Industrial shelf (Empty)
-Industrial shelf (Full)
-Bank Vault
-Industrial Dumpster

Requires: LWM's Deep Storage

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Doesn't work with 1.4.