Mod «Half-Timbered Walls» for Rimworld (v1.3)

Half-Timbered Walls

I was looking for some half-timbered walls to use in my medieval base recently, but I couldn't really find what I was after. I decided to make my own. Several days later, here we are!

This is a simple mod that adds some new medieval-styled half-timbered walls, infilled with wattle and daub. There are 5 whitewash/paint colours, each with four variations of half-timbering. The "timber" is actually stuffable with both wood and metal. Try mods like "Vanilla Furniture Expanded Architect", "More Trees" or "Extended Woodworking" for additional wood materials to use.


To build them, you'll need the "Complex Furniture" research, some hay, and whatever woody or metallic material you choose. If you have Medieval Overhaul installed, they will use straw instead of hay and also require "Food Preservation".

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