Mod «Diagonal Walls 2» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

Diagonal Walls 2

Adds diagonal walls, floors, and misc objects.

The sequel to Diagonal Walls:

  • Easier to use!
  • Works better with vanilla walls!
  • Less weird edges cases!
  • Now with floors, sandbags, & power cables!

This mod adds several different kinds of wall tiles. By mixing and matching these different tiles, you can create a seamless wall!

Diagonal Wall

The basic diagonal wall. Useful for creating walls that are only 1 tile thick.

Connector Wall

The connector walls gives a more seamless transition between regular and diagonal walls. Comes in left and right variants.

Thick Wall + Filling

Using the thin diagonal wall to make thicker walls will result in texture issues. To solve these issues, use a combination of thick wall and filling. The thick wall goes on the outside - the filling tiles go on the inside. Which filling tile you use depends on the direction of the wall. You may have to experiment to find which tile looks best. For certain arrangements, you can use the thin diagonal wall as filling.


The doorway tiles allow you to place a door at the corner of two diagonal walls.


Diagonal floors are built by placing down diagonal flooring tiles. Note - these tiles are just an illusion! You'll have to put real flooring underneath them.

Hard Soil

Hard soil is just regular dirt, but it does not blend into other floors. You can use it to make diagonal tiles more flush.

Misc. Objects

This mod also includes diagonal sandbags and power conduits.


Can I safely replace the old mod with this?
Uninstalling the old mod shouldn't break your save, but it will cause all your diagonal walls to disappear. You'll have to replace them with the new ones manually.

Is it compatible with XYZ?
I've not tested compatibility, but there's no reason for any issues to arise. However, it will not add diagonal versions of modded walls - so no diagonal embrasures or reinforced walls.

This room isn't counting as indoors when I use diagonal walls!
Odds are this issue isn't caused by the diagonal walls but some other mod, usually one that adds embrasures. The diagonal walls are only a visual effect - functionally they are identical to regular walls.

The shadows are ugly, can you fix them?
Unfortunately no. I will look into a method for disabling them.

Diagonal doors?
Not possible AFAIK.

There's little bits of dirt sticking under my diagonal walls! How do I make the floor seemless?
You need to put a floor tile under the wall. Try using Hard Soil! That way it won't bleed over to the outside.

Why am I seeing orange lines?
You're using a thick wall where you should be using a filling.

Why am I seeing a yellow exclamation mark?
The doorway tiles only work at the end of a wall. The filling tiles only work surrounded by 4 other wall tiles.

The diagonal floors tiles look a little off.
Due to the way Rimworld compresses modded textures & renders overlapping objects, the flooring might look a little off at times. This is the best I could do!

What's next?
I'd like to add barricades and bridges. I also want to add modded features like Embrasures and Wall Lights. No ETA on this - I'm lazy.

  • Update to game version 1.4

Version 10.09.22 for Rimworld (v1.3)


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