Mod «[Syulipia]SlimeMOD» for Rimworld (v1.3)


This mod add Another world "Syulipian" Slimes as a new creature to RimWorld, and new furniture and new items related to slime. New powerful items added are difficult to obtain, but getting them will lower the game's difficulty somewhat.

How to summon a slime
  1. Create "summoning table" from the architect -> Syulipia in menu of this mod.
  2. Grow chicken (vanilla) and get 'chicken egg (fert.)'.
  3. Summon the "golden chicken" from the"summoning table"using chicken egg and gold as ingredients.
  4. Summon the wonder eggs of various slimes on the "summoning table", using as resources the "golden eggs (unfert.)" from which gold chickens lay, according to the type of slime you want.

- Various slimes have full use of their abilities as they grow into adulthood.
- Wonder eggs can also be bought from some orbital bulk traders.

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