Mod «[WW2 Collection] Breda 30» for Ravenfield (Build 20)

[WW2 Collection] Breda 30

Designed to be the main machine gun of the Italian army,the Breda 30 was a closed bolt stripper clip fed slow firing oiler using overly complex machine gun that was known for it's lack of reliability.It was very fragile to the environment it was used on due to the amount of open holes that allowed dust to enter (the magazine for example was cut out to see the bullets left,and the casing ejection port was overly big).It also used an oiler (the box over the receiver),to help feeding the cartgrides,an old feature that most guns had dropped by the 1920's,because it made the gun even more prone to malfunctions due to dust.


-Damage->49 (3 shots to the body)
-Loadded ammo->20

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