Mod «Falcon Mk. 6 Rifle [Pack] Remastered» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Falcon Mk. 6 Rifle [Pack] Remastered

During the First War between the Ravens and Eagles, the neutral Falcons were able to sell vast amounts of weaponry to both sides. The MK6 was very cheap, easy to make and maintain, so very popular, still in service despite being obsolete. Legend has it, the gun is called the MK6 due to the standard magazine size of 6 rounds.

This is the remaster of the original weapon that set off the creation of the Falcon Armoury, keeping as much of the original spirit with it, yet updating it to reflect my much improved abilities in the year and a bit the Falcon Armoury has been running. This mod pack contains 3 versions:
Rifle: 6 Shots, bolt-action
Sniper: 6 shots, dual-rendered scope
Carbine: 18 Shots at reduced accuracy compared to regular versions

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