Mod «Falcon Armoury: MK-32 Autorifle» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Falcon Armoury: MK-32 Autorifle

The Falcon MK-32 is a high calibre automatic weapon. It was primarily designed to be a weapon able to give squads of the Royal Falcon Army Corps a mobile suppression platform, as the MK6 Rifle was unable to offer high firepower.. However, due to the high calibre it was prone to overheating. As a result, ane updated version with a water cooling jacket was made. This increased the weight, making it unsuitable for suppression. As a result it is generally only used in fortifications, and by the Aldertaz Battalion, a Royal Falcon Army Corps unit made of the very strong Adler minority, who can lift the gun with ease.

Falcon MK-32A2 Autorifle
Falcon MK-32 (Turret)

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