Mod «Ravenfield Battalions Pack: Rebuilt» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Ravenfield Battalions Pack: Rebuilt

Official relaunch of the Battalions Pack under the new version of Unity. In addition to not being broken anymore, I made a few quality tweaks to the animations.

Currently accepting screenshots to put with the mod. Ping me on discord for info @Ryuu Turner

Currently the Czervanian Pack only has a small handful of weapons, and I won't be going crazy with M4/16 variants, but here's what I got so far.

Omega Inc. Armory:
M4 "Standard Issue" version and "Equipped" version
Honeybadger .300 BLK "Standard Issue" version and "Equipped" version
M16 "Standard Issue" version and "Equipped" version
P226 "Standard Issue" version and "Equipped" version
Ultimax 100 "Standard Issue" version and "Equipped" version
SR-25 "Standard Issue" version

Czervanian Armory:
Vepr 12 "Standard Issue" version, "Equipped" version, and "Non-lethal Equipment" Version
AMD-65 "Standard Issue" version and "Equipped" version
Makarov "Standard Issue" version
CZ-75 Shadow "Standard Issue" version

Free World Arms Industries:
M1911A1 "Standard Issue" version
Browning HP "Standard Issue" Version
FN FAL "Standard Issue" Version and "L1A1" Version

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Cule dood

the file is empty,i can't find a single thing in the folder,why?