Mod «Vanilla+ Patriot Pack» for Ravenfield (Build 24)

Vanilla+ Patriot Pack

This pack contains so far 4 Patriot-based weapons. All can be found in normal categories (assault, marksman etc) and in the 'Vanilla' tab.

A Patriot with long ranged scope, converted to a smaller higher velocity round. It's a weird mix of a PDW and sniper rifle if that makes sense.

Warrior 11.5
A Patriot converted to semi automatic, firing a large 11.5mm round. High stopping power, but also high recoil. Similar to the Loyalist 12.7.

A semi-auto high capacity Patriot with low recoil and decent accuracy. Mash mouse 1 to win.

Freedom Launcher
A modified Patriot launching improvised grenades made from spray paint cans. Does decent damage on direct hit, and injures in a small radius, primarily for knocking down opponents. Sorta like a flashbang launcher. It's also a secondary.

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