Mod «The European Commonwealth Stg-60» for Ravenfield (Build 24)

The European Commonwealth Stg-60

The StG-60 (abbreviation of Sturmgewehr 60, "assault rifle 60") is a 7.62×45mm German assault rifle developed in 2060, during the later stage of the European-Middle Eastern War. lt is adapted into one of the standard-issue weapons of the European Commonwealth, and got re-categorized as "Battle Rifle" due to its higher caliber compare to the standard 5.56mm used of the time.

After the sudden halt of the European-Middle Eastern War following the Commonwealth's dissolve, the oddly familiar battle rifle is last used by the European countries between themselves against their former allies during the European Civil War.

It comes with 4 variants, with 3 of them (sans LMG) having a silenced version:

Standard (Stg-60): A standard assault rifle that is closer to a "battle rifle" design-wise, 45 round capacity. Comes with a silenced version.

"Short Stack" (Stg-60 SMG): A shortened version with a higher fire rate and recoil, 45 round capacity. Also comes with a silenced version with a telescopic sight and a lower 25 round capacity.

Marksman (Stg-60 Marksman): Semi-auto conversion with scope attached making it more accurate, 25 round capacity. Comes with a silenced version as well.

LMG (Stg-60 LMG): Light machine gun conversion with lower recoil, comes with a telescopic sight and a 75 round capacity.
There is no silenced version, because what sensible covert ops operator brings an LMG in their stealth mission?

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