Mod «Type 30 Arisaka [Project RF1]» for Ravenfield (Build 21)

Type 30 Arisaka [Project RF1]

This weapon has been in purgatory for about a month and a half, maybe two, fully finished essentially. However given my acute laziness, it hasn't actually been uploaded until now. Welcome one and all to Project Ravenfield 1, your premier source of Great War content. Indeed, once RF1 reaches its proper and soon-to-be height, you shall not find a more complete list of content to fit yourself for the War to End All Wars; or as some may speak of it, World War 1.

This Type 30 Arisaka is the latest creation by master gunsmith Arisaka Nariakira, who fitted himself a colonel, having taken part in the Japan-China War of last century. We can now, with great joy and satisfaction, place a rifle bearing the name of Arisaka upon your growing list of choices. It has been made with only the finest grades available in Japan and uses a sophisticated bolt-action cycling system, making it an attractive choice to any man who wishes to use only the most modern of military technology. Our rifle is fitted with a bayonet, free of charge, but a man so willingly may choose to use it without. Being adopted in 1897, this rifle was used up through the Russo-Japanese War and has been appearing in some numbers on the Russian front of this large-scale conflict, having arisen from such small means. While Arisaka himself had updated this model in the new century, being the year of 1905 officially, such a weapon is difficult to obtain and being offered by many other suppliers and so we have forgone such and offered you a more properly-priced rifle with just as much technological superiority as the latter. We here at RF1 absolutely ensure your satisfaction, that is the real value of this weapon.

Stats & Information
  • Includes the Type 30 Arisaka with both a bayonet version and bayonet-less variant, along with a version that is only the melee portion of the bayonet. The weapon can be found in the Marksman category as a primary, and the bayonet-only version in the Equipment and Melee tabs in your equipment slots.

Type 30 Arisaka

  • 120 Damage
  • 5-round internal magazine
  • 65 spare cartridges
  • Muzzle velocity of 765
  • Found in the Marksman tab
  • The Bayonet Portion
    • Press the 'X' button to switch to it
    • Deals 95 damage per strike with an effective range of about 4 meters
  • The Rifle Butt Portion
    • Press the 'X' button to switch to it
    • Deals 65 damage per strike with an effective range of about 3 meters
    • Strikes faster than the bayonet

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