Mod «Pomp's Melee Weapons Pack» for Ravenfield (Build 21)

Pomp's Melee Weapons Pack

Mod pack "Pomp's Melee Weapons Pack" for the game Ravenfield adds a set of melee weapons. It includes four different categories, all of them located on the "Equipment" tab, and the rest - on the "Napoleon", "melee" and "Attack" tabs.

Two-handed weapons

  • Sword Bronquica. This sword has a legendary status in the Czech Republic because of its Association with the legendary Czech knight and Slayer Bronquica.
  • Japanese naginata. The long gun used by Japanese troops has a decent attack speed.
  • European battle sword. Perfect for your Crusader needs, and while I believe most of them were one-handed weapons, I felt that a powerful two-handed weapon was more satisfying.
  • Chinese changdao. A weapon similar in its characteristics to the Naginata.
  • German Zweihander. Weapons that in the right hands will destroy the entire team and cut Katanas in half, feel the power of the noodle sword. Certainly my favorite weapon from the pack, and probably yours, too!
    Hot topic katana. Disclaimer: I don't believe that Hot Topic actually offers Katanas. If anything, it's based on the cheap Katanas you see in shopping malls that shoppers, Mall ninjas and antique dealers are fighting for. Complete with multiple notches on the blade to really emphasize its quality!
  • Katana of the Princess of the moon. Much like the above, but as a one-time hit with a fun rag action. This is a sword pony, so have fun.

One-handed weapon

  • English Sergeant's sword of 1796.There is not much to say about this, it was the first weapon in this pack that was later used as a base. The Sergeant model offers additional features compared to the musician model.
  • English musician's sword of 1796. From what I read, the sword was identical to the Sergeant's version, except that the length of the blade was slightly shorter, and this is reflected in this weapon.
  • English heavy cavalry sabre of 1796. Used not only by the English, but also by the Prussians and other factions. This weapon kills with a single hit, and it can be compared to my 1796 light horse saber . Rather ugly compared to a light cavalry saber, but still present.
  • Scottish broadsword with a handle. A sword perfect for the harsh terrain of the highlands, because no one seems to care about the lowlands.
  • 1798 Highland Broadsword. Approximately the same as above, but made of brass of your choice.English bayonet for the Baker rifle. Perfect for battles when you need to reload your Baker rifle, because it takes forever.
  • Roman Gladius
  • Nepali RAM-Dao
  • Anglo-Saxon Sword
  • Iberian
  • Falcata Aztec Maquahuitl


  • 1933 SS Dagger. Not very practical dagger, which used to be used by the SS, probably without combat use. It is inconvenient to handle and with other exhibits, it takes three blows to kill, but the strikes are incredibly fast.

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