Mod «Flakpanzer 341 Coelian SPAAG» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Flakpanzer 341 Coelian SPAAG

The 3.7 cm Flakzwilling auf Panther Fahrgestell or Flakpanzer 341 was a German self-propelled anti-aircraft gun designed by Rheinmetall during World War II. It was intended to be armed with two 3.7 cm Flak 341 gun in a fully enclosed, rotating turret on the hull of a Panther medium tank. In the end, only a wooden mock-up of the turret on a Panther chassis was built.


- 2 x 3.7 cm / 37 mm Flak 341 (60 APHE Flak and heatseeking rounds)
- Repair tool

Hull gunner:
- 1 x 7.92mm MG 34 machine gun (200 rounds)

HP: 4500

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