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(SCRAPPED) Project NAS Vehicles Pack

Project N.A.S is a story about a alt-historical period between 2020-2026 where several new nations emerge mainly from the United States. N.A.S is short for "North American Spring".

The nations that now exist do to NAS are:

The United American Kingdom (UAK) - This is the US, but it had been turned into to a monarchy after it started losing its civil war with Texas. By 2026 its territory would be reduced to D.C and Maryland.

The Free Republic of Texas - With the help of California, this was the second nation to win Independence from the UAK. Texas later assisted the Casmarian rebels in their war and won by early 2026.

The Third Mexican Empire - Mexico had slowly merged back into imperialism. Once it did, they invaded and annexed the entirety of Central America. They also helped the UAK in taking Texas, but then turned on them and made an attempt to invade the UAK. They failed, but still managed to lay claim to New Mexico and Arizona.

The United Republic of Lakota - Lakota was probably the main beneficiary of the Spring, because they didn't need to fight much (due to a peace treaty that was signed by the DSA, and Canada being unprepped for combat) and also gained the most land. Later on they would go to invade Canadian-owned Colorado in 2028 and lose.

The Independent Democratic Republic of Hawaii (IDROH) - Hawaii gained independence by secession from the UAK. Hawaii was safe from all the nonsense going on in the mainland until mid-2029, when Russia decided to invade the islands. Due to Hawaii being a proxy state of the NCR, California immediately jumped into the fight and saved Hawaii from Russian annexation by 2030.

The Federal Republic of Casmaru - Casmaru is a nation that only exists because of one man. Also because the Casmarian people were being taxed way too highly by the UAK government. Eventually a rebellion was started, and led to Casmarian independence.

The Democratic States of America - The DSA was created after several of the New England states broke off from the US shortly after it became a monarchy. The UAK then attacked the DSA and agreed to stop the fighting shortly after. The DSA would later assist Canada in it's war with Lakota.

The New Californian Republic - Most agree that California is the one that started NAS. Once they peacefully seceded in 2020, Texas followed, then Hawaii and so on.

The Canadian Federation - Literally just Canada, but grew their military larger to deal with the potential threats that started from NAS, and from Russia buying Alaska back from the US.


  • (SCRAPPED) Project NAS Weapons Pack
  • (SCRAPPED) NAS Texas Skin Test Pack
  • (SCRAPPED) NAS US-UAK Skin Test Pack
  • (SCRAPPED) (NAS-WotR) Invasion of Wichita Falls

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