Mod «Falcon F. I Neutrino» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Falcon F. I Neutrino

The F. I Neutrino was the first ever indigenous aircraft create by the Royal Falcon Engineers. It was designed when the belief that manoevrability beat speed was still in place in higher ranks. This was later disproven during the First War between the Raven and Eagles. While the war saw limited air combat, both sides were willing to buy The F. I in small amounts to help with training. As a result of this was, the Falcons subsequently developed better aircraft by monitering the reports of the Ravens and Falcons. The aircraft is a high winged monoplane, with a radial engine. It features 4x MK.33 Aeroguns with rapid fire, and 2x 4 rocket launching pods, making it capable of dealing with ground and air targets.

This Re-master has mainly improved the model detail. Stats are nearly identical, albeit slightly better, than the original. In addition, the wing was moved from a parasol position to a high mount, to give better visibility. Arnament is the same.

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