Mod «RE: CC Turret Pack Vol. 4» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

RE: CC Turret Pack Vol. 4

The Standalone Naval Gun is a salvaged naval cannon primarily used on vehicles like the Dreadnought. As the requirement for more point defence became systematically more and more necessary. The Nautical Empire of Upper Panama reverse engineered the salvaged Naval guns and started on the production of naval guns to keep up with the demand that the war effort requested of them. The Refurbished design is able to fire 16 x 127 mm shells in relative fast succesion after which it needs to have the 3 magazines of each barrel reloaded. The Standalone mount allowed the gunner to mechanically raise the ammo container and decrease his own chair height. in order to quickly reload each magazine. The Naval Gun is primarily used to defend shorelines, greenspots and borderlines but was often also attached on top of bigger land and naval vessels.


The naval gun uses just like the driver seat a scope but this one is integrated into the turret itself. The scope can also be activated through aiming.
If you ever find yourself in need to destroy a navalgun try to aim for it's gastanks at the backside. This weakspot takes up to 100% damage from small arms, 200% damage from heavy arms and up to 400% damage from anti-armor!

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