Mod «RE: Pos Cherargon Heavy Artillery Plattform» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

RE: Pos Cherargon Heavy Artillery Plattform

The Cherargon Heavy Artillery Platform is a heavy vehicle utilizing parts of the (more or less) tried and tested Cherargon Design, drastically changing its tactical role however. While previous iteration were meant to be fast enough to harass enemies in quick attacks, the Mk3 however is meant to sit well protected in the rear, devastating enemy formations and fortifications with highly Explosive Shells. For protection against light armoured enemies, attempting to sneak behind, the Mk3 is armed with four independently movable Incineratores arrays, aswell as a Mercurial Razor Turret best suited for tearing through enemy armour in mid range. This Change in tactical role also means, that the Mk3 is alot slower and less manouverable then its smaller cousins, in addition to issues getting through small passages do to its upscaled size. Much like its predecessors the Mk3 also has some noticable weakspots to be exploited, albeit less noticable on the sturdier frame.

Special Features

-The Cherargon Heavy features four distinct weakspots, two in the very back and two on the sides near the back. These are covered at first, however the covers can be destroyed with any weapon

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