Mod «Su-35» for Ravenfield (Build 26)


{Important Key}
- Thrust Vectoring : Press Kick (V as default) to use (Toggle)
(Pilot can move the nozzle by 16 degrees)
Note : If u press the V key, the TVC OFF text on the Front MFD screen changes to TVC ON text

-Change Gun Mode : Press Next Scope to change Gun Sight
(Fixed Sight(MANUAL), Gyro Sight(LCOS))
Note : When you using Gyro Sight(LCOS), Press Previous Scope to select the Enemy Aircraft (The gyro sight will be activated and you can aim the moving gyro to the target)

- Turn on HMD (Helmet Mounted Display) : Press T to use
Note : This feature is only available for R-74M2 Missile

- Landing Gear : Press Prone (Z as default) to use

-Pilot View Zoom In : Press Sprint (LeftShift as default) to use
-Pilot View Zoom Out : Press Crouch (LeftCtrl as default) to use
(First person and Third person, both)

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