Mod «K-21 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (COMMISSION)» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

K-21 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (COMMISSION)

The K21 is a South Korean infantry fighting vehicle. A replacement for the K200-series, it was formerly designated as K300 or XK21 KNIFV (Korea Next-generation Infantry Fighting Vehicle). The initial production began in 2009, with the Republic of Korea Army planning to field approximately 466 units. It is designed to effectively defeat other IFVs as heavily armed and armored as the BMP-3.

- animations for autocannon recoil,ATGM reload, and shell ejection
- ATGM on the launcher will disappear upon firing them for realism
- Lock-on ATGM allowing for top down attack on enemy armour, can also be used to engage helis
- Functional ERA armour, can block/absorb damage from anti tank weapons if hit
- is amphibious


- 1 x 40mm SNT Dynamics K40 Autocannon (8 rounds)
- 1 x 7.62mm M60 GPMG (200 rounds)
- 2 x AT-1K Hyungung lock-on ATGM
- Repair tool

Capacity: 9 personnel

HP: 4800

- ATGM camera is seperated from main camera.
- To lock onto enemy vehicles/helis, simply point the crosshair directly to the target, wait for lock to be acquired, then press fire.

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  • Mod version: 04.09.22
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