Mod «Arcade BF109 G-4» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Arcade BF109 G-4

This is my attempt of WW2 fighter MOD.

I tried to make realistic flight model like my helicopters but I couldn't figure out a way to make stall and many realistic features so I just decided to make it arcady. but there are still some interesting left overs,,,

- about weapons : you have MG17, MG151 nose cannon and optional MG151 gunpod.

All weapons are affected by the plane's velocity when fired, meaning flying fast also makes bullets faster.

When rearming, you can customize the ammo belt of MG17 and MG151 using arrows.

MG17 bullet types

API : Armor piercing incendiary, powerful but not visible.

APT : Armor piercing tracer, visible to your eyes but less powerful.

MG151 bullet types

IT : Incendiary tracer, visible and less powerful.

HEI : largest splash damage

APHE : slightly small splash, but most powerful and can damage armored vehicles by performing steep dive (more than 40 degree) and attacking top of the vehicles.


- Engine overheat : 1.25~1.41 ata is War emergency power mode that overclocks the engine. Using it over 1 mins and 30 seconds permanently damages the engine. watch out for the engine temperature.

- Flap control : press next / previous sight key (mouse4 and 5) to control flap. flap gives you more lift and maneuverability in the exchange of speed.

- Controllable landing gear : press L to control landing gear.

- rearming system : the plane has finite amount of bullets. you can rearm the plane by landing and taxing to the green transparent squares on the map.

- optional MG151 gunpod : Press Jump while rearming to mount gunpods for additional firepower. But gunpods' weight reduces engine performance a lot, only use it when you intercept bombers or ground targets.

- Cannon shortcuts : you can fire nose cannon with Left Alt, gunpods with Countermeasure key, and fire both with Prone key. Fire all guns at once for the most effective attacks.

- EZ42 Gyro Sight : By default, the plane has REVI reflex sight. By pressing Auto hover key (E) while rearming, you can change it to the experimental EZ42 Gyro sight. If you look at the vehicle and Press E, the gyro sight will be activated and you can aim the moving gyro to the target to precisely lead your MG17 !

Also press reload key to move the camera closer to the sight, to see the gyro better.

Press left braket or TrackIR mode, right for normal mode.

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