Mod «B-2 Spirit (U.S. Air Force)» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

B-2 Spirit (U.S. Air Force)

B-2 Spirit


  • Length : 21.0 m
  • Height : 5.18 m
  • Wingspan : 52.4 m
  • Maximum speed : Mach 0.95 (1,010 km/h, 550 kn)
  • The Northrop B-2 Spirit, also known as the Stealth Bomber, is an American heavy strategic bomber
  • The B-2 Spirit was developed to take over the USAF's vital penetration missions, able to travel deep into enemy territory to deploy ordnance which could include nuclear weapons
  • To reduce optical visibility during daylight flights, the B-2 is painted in an anti-reflective paint. The undersides are dark because it flies at high altitudes (15,000 m), and at that altitude a dark grey painting blends well into the sky
  • Reportedly, the B-2 has a radar cross-section (RCS) of about 0.1 m2 (1.1 sq ft)

Armament features

GBU-57 (MOP) : 30,000 lb (14,000 kg) Bombs

With its enormous size and weight, it is more powerful than any BunkerBuster and can penetrate 60.96m of reinforced concrete
(It can damage enemies underground and behind walls, The explosion damage range is greater than GBU-31)

GBU-31 (JDAM) : 2,000 lb (910 kg) Bombs

(The explosion damage range is very large, so use it at a enough atitude)

No WPN (Safe) : Repair Tool


[Bunker Buster]

1. GBU-57 (MOP) x2
2. No WPN (Repair)

[Carpet Bombing]

1. GBU-31 (JDAM) x16
2. No WPN (Repair)

{Important Key}

  • Landing Gear : Press Prone (Z as default) to use
  • Pilot View Zoom In : Press Sprint (LeftShift as default) to use
  • Pilot View Zoom Out : Press Crouch (LeftCtrl as default) to use
    (First person and Third person, both)

MFD Screen Control

  • Zoom In and Out Bomb Screen : PressNext / Previous Scope(mouse4 and mouse 5)
  • Zoom In and Out GPS Screen : PressNext / Previous Scope(mouse4 and mouse 5)

Special Function

  • Stealth : Enemies won't spot you well

File info

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