Mod «ZL-80 Convoy» for Ravenfield (Build 23)

ZL-80 Convoy

The ZL-80 was vital in the discovery, capture, and retreat of subsector tech. Without it, the HIVE would have gotten to the tech, and destroyed it, stunting humanity's ability to fight back.
The truck itself was designed and produce in 317, and has seen small upgrades and added features all the way up to 461. The original was built to manoeuvre long-range missiles through rocky mountains and dense forest.


  • ZL-80 Missile (can't use the missiles, but a hella big suicide explosion radius)
  • ZL-80 Troop (has room for over 30 bots)
  • ZL-80 Turret (has a trailer with 6 turrets on it. Great for sprayin'-n'-prayin')

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