Mod «J9Y1 "КИККА"» for Ravenfield (Build 21)


The Nakajima Kikka or Kitsuka as it is also known, was Japan's first entirely jet-powered aircraft, based loosely on the information they had received on the German Me 262 Schwalbe. Whilst the clear resemblance can be seen, the Japanese were not able to receive all of the information that was provided through a negotiation on 1944 with the German high command over the licencing for plans on both the Me 262, BMW 003 and Junkers Jumo 004 Turbojet engines. Examples and plans were lost with the sinking on a I-29 Submarine that carried the important cargo, however all was not completely lost. Parts of the designs were saved as they were flown in to Japan separate from the Submarine.

Type 5 30mm Cannon *2 (Ammo:100)
No 80 ground bomb (800kg) *1

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  • Added by: Roman
  • Author: DAI_QUOC[JP]
  • Mod version: 01.08.20
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