Mod «Tau: Hammerhead Gunship» for Ravenfield (Build 20)

Tau: Hammerhead Gunship

The TX7 Hammerhead gunship is the anti-gravitic main battle tank of the T'au Empire. First encountered by the Imperium of Man during the Damocles Gulf Crusade, it has since been deployed in almost all campaigns against the enemies of the T'au.
Like a hungry predator on the prowl, the Hammerhead gunship is a menacing sight. It skims over a planet's surface with its massive turret-mounted main gun swivelling back and forth to track potential targets.
Armed either with a deadly Railgun, capable of accelerating solid projectiles to 2 percent of the speed of light, to obliterate literally anything hit by it (or standing to close), or with a less devastating but still fearsome Ioncannon. Not quite as good at obliterating armoured oppontents, but more efficent for the long range deletion of lighter target

The TX78 Sky Ray Missile Defence Gunship is a specialised variant of the more common T'au Hammerhead gunship, and replaces its turret gun with an array of deadly Seeker Missiles; shifting its role to a dedicated missile platform that is used by the T'au Fire Caste to provide point attack fire support for Fire Warrior Teams, who lack their own heavy weaponry.

The TY7 Devilfish armoured troop carrier is the primary anti-gravitic skimmer transport utilised by Tau ground forces and can carry twelve Fire Warriors or Pathfinders into combat in relative safety, and then provide mobile fire support once they disembark.

This item contains:

  • Tau Hammerhead R (Railgun
  • Tau Hammerhead I (Ioncannon)
  • Tau Skyray
  • Tau Devilfish

All Vehicles include:

  • Custom Models
  • Custom Animations
  • Custom Sounds
  • Custom Particles (some provided by, or derived from Lordaloa)
  • Custom Tracers (some provided by, or derived from Lordaloa)

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