Skin «18th Century British Skins» for Ravenfield (Build 20)

18th Century British Skins

Look at the magnificent employment of the cheap dye to brighten the looks of the soldiers, from the basic cocked hat to the extravagant mitre, these soldiers are sure to 'wow' the aggressors! These British soldiers represent various time periods of the 18th century, which constituted the 1700s, while not all periods are present (perhaps an update will add them later), the skins fit for the various periods of conflict of which the British experienced. Whether you want to play the American War of Independence, the War of Spanish Succession, or the 7 Years' War, this pack has you covered.


This pack grants you six skins:

  • British Soldier - Late
    • Based on the 54th Regiment of Foot around the time of the American Revolution, they represent a standard British infantry regiment of the time.
  • British Grenadier - Late
    • One can't come to the conclusion of Britain at this time without a grenadier's bearskin cap, to which this skin permits. Based on the 7th Regiment of Foot around the time of the Revolutionary War.
  • Royal Marine
    • The marine's uniform was different in that it did not have regimental lacing to my knowledge, and as such would've resembled an American uniform more, at least in that sense. White facings are present.
  • British Soldier - Mid
    • Made mainly for the 7 Years' War, but could go back into the 1740s if so desired, the regiment is based on the 23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers, and was the most time-consuming skin of the pack as one may presume.
  • British Soldier - Early
    • I'm not too familiar with the uniforms of these days, suffice to say the colonels had a great deal of choice in what to dress their regiment in all the way up to what weapons they would employ, as before the 1720s, an official weapon was not standardized. Good for the War of Spanish Succession and based loosely on Erle's Regiment of Foot; regiments at this time were named after their commander.
  • Jacobite
    • Kilt-clad miltiaman ready to fight against poor old Tory.

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