Skin «[BP8X] Soviet Motostrelki, Early 1980s» for Ravenfield (Build 23)

[BP8X] Soviet Motostrelki, Early 1980s

A possible start to a Cold War project, dubbed Boiling Point 198X. A pack of Soviet Motor riflemen skins that would fit a Cold War gone hot scenario during the early '80s, such as one triggered by the Able Archer 83 exercise.


-SA 80s Motostrelki M69
Typical Soviet infantryman in the summertime wearing an Obr. 1969 uniform.

-SA 80s Motostrelki Shinel
The same model of greatcoat that was worn in WWII, now with buttons!

-SA 80s Motostrelki Shinel Winter
Even warmer with his ushanka crammed under the helmet.

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