Mutator «EHADS-3» for Ravenfield (Build 26)


The mod brings elements of milsim to the game, such as bleeding, stamina and inventory.

Differences from EHADS-2:

- Radiation, frostbite, body parts, quests, crafting and progress have been removed. I wanted to make the mod compact, easy to understand and without a bunch of extra mechanics that would cause bugs.
- If EHADS2 is like Tarkov, then EHADS3 is like Squad/PR2
- Added customization of items. You can choose the effect, appearance, color, number of items in each of the 6 slots.
- Added usage animations.
- Interaction of bots with the team has been introduced. Bots help wounded allies.


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Please update this mod, to the 31 jan version. The black screen at the start is kinda annoying.


please update this mod to the latest version cus the black screen at the start is kinda annoying, and the bar to decrease it is available only in the newest version. thanks :)