Mutator «LeMieux's Gore 2» for Ravenfield (Build 27)

LeMieux's Gore 2

A complete remake of my older gore mod, which is basically an improvement in every aspect, including performance (at least from my experience).

Bullet wounds are now smaller, have lighting and a slight amount of parallax, fit with the body better, and don't make a pissing noise with each wound. Bullet wounds by default despawn after 60 seconds, but this can be configured to be shorter or longer.

Dismemberment now spawns limbs that use the characters model, and should no longer cause the Kraken to possess the ragdoll.

Ragdolls are baked after 4 seconds and will stay in the map forever (if the bot respawns before it is baked the body will still disappear, this means that the helicopter spawning mutator won't work).

Ragdolls spring and dampening values change every 0.5 seconds to give a rigor mortis/struggling look after death.

Heads will split open when the damage is higher than the bullet dismemberment threshold, arms will come off and in theory the legs will too (although the damage will have to be very high for legs).

Damage greater than the minor dismemberment threshold will cause random dismemberment of limbs below the joints.

Damage greater than the major dismemberment threshold will cause random dismemberment of limbs above the joints.

Damage greater than the evisceration threshold will cause the lower torso to rip off, guts have ragdoll physics until baked.

Blood pools use a custom shader and flow nicer than the previous blood pools.

Splat decal textures are now blood droplets, and are less excessive than the default ones.

Blood paint particles on impact are now removed.

Optional death sounds from The Last of Us 1.

Like 3 sounds are from Squad, textures are from random sites or made by me. Models are a mix between different random models edited by me. All shaders are mine.

  • Fixes

31.12.23 (b.27)

  • Added eyeballs, 2 new blood pool variants, option to turn off default blood splat override, changed splat texture, made a minor explosive dismemberment variant with the head being destroyed.


04.12.23 (b.27)


File info

  • Added by: Den Martin
  • Author: LeMieux
  • Mod version: 01.02.24
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 32.0 mb
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We all needed this.