Map «RE: Sector-136» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

RE: Sector-136

Sector-136 is series of 3 military installations build on artificial island group located near the Artic shelf. This Sector has a strategic value to any faction as it gives direct access to the polar region. The former military base has been reused by multiple factions even though it's residing tech is inferior and outdated it still proves usefull in reconnaissance and intel gathering for the entire Artic region. It's strategic placement also allows for easy access to the former african continent. The radiated oceans surrounding the island are host to all kind of microscopic lifeforms that have adapted to more radiated enviroments. Hence it's nickname the Dotted Sea.

This modpack contains:

-Sector-136 (day/night)


-Air Raid Alarms:
This map has air raid sirens that will activate after the first actor has spawned.
This map is a vehicle combat map hence it's size and has a lot of room for bigger vehicles.
This maps suggested bot count is 120-160 but it can run on lower bot counts aswel.

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