Map «Outskirts of Arnhem (WW2 project)» for Ravenfield (Build 26)

Outskirts of Arnhem (WW2 project)

My first map, it resembles an engagement between a US medium armoured infantry group and a german Sturmartillerie related armoured group (segments of multiple batteries), with artillery support segments in the town. SS defenders are forced to advance into the town to establish a defensive position before US armour apears.

the files for the map have been lost due to a unity corruption, the map was work in progress however was uploaded to steam. thus, I cannot fix certain issues anymore as I do not have any map file access.

Known Bugs:
- the US team has default skins (red)
-the flag positions are missing their poles

Vehicles will be released sepperately, as this presents only a fraction of the vehicles still under work.

File info

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